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meet the band
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It all starts with her passionate commitment to music and life.

When she steps on stage, the energy is infectious. Whether you're on-stage or in the audience, you want to take the ride...


A singer who effortlessly fuses her own fiery, modern sensibilities with a passionate reverence for all the great singers that have come before. She's the anti-diva... A voice that slays people, embodied in a humble, loving spirit. Critics and audiences search for ways to describe the performances. Comparisons to Tina Turner, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, and James Brown are often sited for reference --but everyone agrees Roach is an original. Period.

Born and raised in Los Angeles by music loving parents, her earliest musical memories are of Blues and Big Band Jazz music on her parents record player. From there, into her teens and beyond, she embraced Blues, R&B, Rock, Funk and everything in-between. Roach met Byl in the L.A. club scene, while fronting her band 'Roach & the White Boys'. They worked together briefly, but it would be many years before they re-connected, soon married, and formed CAFE R&B.


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Byl Carruthers

Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, and in his own words, a very lucky man to have the opportunity to lead a band of stellar musicians, that includes one of the greatest singers of all time.


A uniquely recognizable guitarist,  who writes CAFE R&B's critically acclaimed original material, and arranges the bands celebrated covers of classic Blues songs.  He crafted the bands signature sound by combining the soul-stirring depth of early delta-inspired electric Blues, with Big Band Jazz precision, and dynamic Rock muscle... The perfect chassis to embody Roach's horsepower. "I truly believe that she's one of the most uniquely gifted interpreters of the Blues, alive. We're in her service."

Born in Detroit, and moved to Los Angeles when he was young.  "There was always music in our house. It was Blues, Big Band Jazz, Folk, British invasion -I loved all of it." At 12, they moved to Nashville, where his Dad created The Johnny Cash Show. "Nashville and the old school country scene blew my young mind. Indelible... When we got back to L.A, I saw the Stones at the Forum! The openers were B.B. King and Ike & Tina Turner. And, well... I guess you see what happened!"   

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Bobby Pickett


Expressive, dynamic, dedicated... No one adjective quite sums up bassist Bobby Pickett. His first taste of success was with early rock band Sugarloaf, before he headed to L.A. and became part of Detective, the first band signed to Led Zepplin's Swan Song Label... His playing and magnetic stage presence soon made him a busy, in demand live player. Most notably with artists like Etta James, Gregg Allman, Chuck Berry, to name a few of the legends that felt his groove.

Born in Texas, where his Grandmother took him to see many live performances by the great early Blues artists touring through the area. Bobby served in the Army, then moved to Colorado where, while originally a singer and guitarist, he met and joined Sugarloaf. He ultimately switched to Bass, found his way to Los Angeles, and after many years of great work with some of the best, joined CAFE R&B in 2004. 

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Chris Rhyne

No one leaves a CAFE R&B show without a dynamic musical experience from the keyboard chair... A signature of the bands sound is the spirited dance of Guitar and Keyboards under Roach's thunder. At the Piano and the Hammond Organ, Chris Rhyne is a virtuoso. He's played with some of the biggest names in music. Toured and recorded with Santana, Jean Luc Ponty, Gino Vannelli, and backed up the likes of Lionel Hampton, Whitney Huston and B.B. King, to name a few.

 Born in New York, raised in Boston, Chris was one of seven children in a house filled with music. His High School band was signed to a major label. He was then accepted to The Berklee School of Music to study Jazz and Classical piano. But, he left after a year, yearning to play Jazz fusion and Rock. An audition with Gino Vannelli brought him to L.A., where his career as an in demand live and session player continues to this day.


Adam Gust

The percussive heartbeat that drives the CAFE R&B sound belongs to its youngest member, drummer Adam Gust. Truly a musician's musician, he's earned a reputation as a masterful practitioner in virtually any genre of music. Witnessing his performances, one is aware of uncanny precision matched by fascinating flights of fancy, that somehow never give up the groove. He's one of those drummers who is as much fun to watch as he is to hear...

 Born in Minneapolis, Adam started his musical journey at an early age. His talent on the drums culminated in his acceptance to the heralded percussion program at The University of North Texas. After graduating, and a few years performing in Texas, he entered and won the regional Guitar Center Drum Off, and headed to L.A. to compete in the nationals. He's since toured extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Russia. 

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